"Integrity and perfection - just a few words that come to mind..." (David & Lisa Trussell)

"Integrity and perfection - just a few words that come to mind as we have reflected on the building process with Jonathan and his team. From the initial meeting, design planning, and the construction, it was evident he and his crew were men of integrity! As the construction began we soon realized perfection is expected! The building of our home was a fun experience because we knew we could trust all aspects.

Jonathan has an eye for creative design which is invaluable in new construction. He doesn't just build a house, he builds homes by understanding the family needs and works to make those real!

Many thanks to Jonathan and his crew for building the home we dreamed of!"

David & Lisa Trussell

"You reassured us from the very first meeting that our house would be just as important as one three times its size." (Phillip and Amy Brooks)

"When we first approached you, we were a little nervous. There were some things we knew. We knew you. We knew what style we liked. We knew the location of our future home.

Things we did not know, however, scared us. Would our little project be important to you? Would you care about helping our vision come to life? Would you help us work through decisions so that we got what we wanted in the end?

Now that our house is completed, we know that we had no need to be anxious at all.

You reassured us from the very first meeting that our house would be just as important as one three times its size. You looked through tons of my sample pictures to ensure that things were just as we wanted. I got my Southern Living island, my Pinterest glass cabinet that looks like a furniture piece, and my Joanna Gaines laundry room. You helped us work through choosing everything, and you were extremely patient with me when I vacillated in my decisions. I almost drove myself crazy, but you never acted as though I was bothering you.

We were very much impressed by every person/team that worked on a piece of our house. The framers, carpenters, bricklayers, tilers, electricians, plumbers, painters, etc., were all wonderful people who seemed to care about doing a good job. And, of course, Steve and Johnny were fantastic! We love them and appreciate all the hard work they did to get things right! We love the barn door, the mirror you guys built for Anna Grace, and the shiplap wall you made from the old wood from my great-grandfather’s barn. He could not have realized that one day his great-granddaughter and her husband would build a house almost directly over the spot where his simple barn sat. I can’t thank you enough for going the extra mile to include this sentimental feature wall in our home. I love it, and so does my ninety-seven-year-old grandmother!

People always say that no house is perfect, that there is always something that people would do differently if they could. I must beg to differ! I don’t think this will be true in our case. We couldn’t be more pleased with how our house turned out - it is even better than we envisioned! Thank you for bringing our dream to life!"

Phillip and Amy Brooks

"The result is unbelievable and beautiful!" (Whitty and Jenny Hood)

"The Work is complete, the paint is dry and the jobsite is clean, neat and in order. The result is unbelievable and beautiful!

To simply hand you a check and say “thanks” seems a bit inadequate considering what you and your company, and especially your employees did to make this project work so well and be as undisruptive and comfortable as possible.

Jenny and I want you to know how much we both appreciate your suggestions and helpfulness throughout the process. Your professionalism and you dedication to giving us what we wanted was apparent from the first day. Equally important was the attitude and courtesies exhibited by everyone that represented you and your company. They are great people.

We could not be more pleased with how you have made our vision become reality."

Whitty and Jenny Hood

"We'd love to thank you for all your hard work in turning our dreams into a reality."

"We'd love to thank you for all your hard work in turning our dreams into a reality. It has been a blessing to have someone we trust and respect being the leader of this project. We could not have done this without your guidance and we are truley grateful for your diligence and patience throughout this process"

"Words can’t describe how cozy and happy we are in our new home..." (Richard & Angie)

"Words can’t describe how cozy and happy we are in our new home. Everyone who comes through the front door talks about how it already feels warm and homey. Many people can’t believe that we have only been there for a short time because the atmosphere is so inviting.

The brick work and warm colors are calming and make everyone feel comfortable. I told you that I wanted an inviting atmosphere that wasn’t at all intimidating, and that is what you delivered. The detail in each room is always noticed and our amazing closet is the envy of every woman who sees it.

Everything that we wanted, you gave us. We all four have our own space that defines who we each are individually as well as who we are as a family. Thank you for your attention to even the smallest detail from the rustic living room theme right down to all of Abigail’s girly stuff. Your care and desire to make it ours is greatly appreciated.

Thank you also for allowing me to step outside of what you have done in the past and for allowing me to be me. You lead me with your wisdom and building experience, yet let me go beyond what you may have been comfortable with, to create a wonderfully rustic yet beautiful home. Thank you for trusting me, I think that we made a great team.

We also appreciate your carefully walking us through the process so that we stayed as close to our budget as possible. You held us accountable, and in the process, saved us a ton of money. How easy it would have been to go way over budget!

If ever we decide to build again, we will definitely call you. I can’t imagine using anyone else to build our home. You made the entire process fun and exciting. One thing that we always tell people is that there were maybe only one or two days during the process that no one was there working. Your organization of the crews was incredible. You truly are a scheduling genius. I can’t think of any time that was stressful or made me regret building. Thanks for making our experience a true joy. God has truly blessed you with a gift!!

All of this leads me to my last and most important point: thank you for being a God honoring man. Thank you for the integrity that you have consistently showed to us and to others. Your ethics made us comfortable to trust you with one of our most prized possessions, our home. You are a treasure not only as a builder but as our friend."

Richard & Angie

"Thank you for using your "God-given" talents to bring blessings to others..." (Jay & Robin)

"Thank you for using your "God-given" talents to bring blessings to others- Thank you for being a team player in giving birth to what is now "our home". I believe you give a part of yourself away every time you go through the process. Your honesty, integrity, patience, humility and your humor greatly lightened our load on this journey! You walked us through every step and for that we are truly grateful."

Jay & Robin

"Brandon & I would like to thank you for the beautiful home you built for us..." (Brandon & Julie)

"Brandon & I would like to thank you for the beautiful home you built for us. We had heard so many horror stories about building, but after our experience with you we feel completely different. The whole process was a great experience and we are so thankful you took care of all of the details so we could sit back and do the fun stuff. There were many things you did that I felt added a real personal touch that I am not sure we would have received from any other builder. You were willing to meet us anytime we were picking out things for the house to offer your opinion, but you ultimately let us make the final decision on everything to truly make this home "our home". Another benefit I felt we had working with you is the fact that from your experience as a builder you could point us to the best places to go for quality and the best customer service. We were also very impressed at how well you managed the men you had working on the house. We never had to concern ourselves with whether someone was there working or what was being done, because you always made sure the men were staying on task. Since this was our first home to build your patience with us was one of the things we appreciated the most. We were able to communicate all of our concerns to you and we knew you were listening. Thank you for showing us there are still people out there running businesses that care about the people they are working with, that have integrity, and that truly stand behind the job they are doing.

I can recall a time when I was driving around with my girls and I remember noticing the Jonathan Hill Construction signs I would see in front of homes being built and it made me appreciate the job you were doing even more, because you made us feel like our home was the only one you were working on. One of the neatest things about this experience was watching what, at one time, had only been in our heads take shape right before our eyes. Our home turned out exactly as we had hoped, maybe even a little better, thanks to the partnership we had with you."

Brandon & Julie

"Thank you for doing such a superb job building my new home..." (P. David)

"I wanted to write you a short note and thank you for doing such a superb job building my new home. You have dispelled all the rumors and horror stories I have heard all my life about custom building . With your guidance and expertise I have achieved a home within my budget that has all the amenities and qualities I wanted in a timely manner. You and your assistant Steve are two of the nicest young men I have ever worked with and would recommend you to anyone considering new construction. You are fair, honest and most of all a man of integrity. All your sub contractors and crew were great to work with and I always felt very comfortable during my many, many inspections. Thank you for always being responsive to my phone calls. You either answered on the first call or always returned my calls expeditiously. You even had the courtesy of informing me if you were to be out of town.(but still only a cell phone call away) . I never felt like I was left alone during the entire project. Again let my just say thanks for a job well done."

P. David

"We wholeheartedly recommend Jonathan Hill Construction for your home building needs..." (Michael & Jan Mercer)

"It is without hesitation that we wholeheartedly recommend Jonathan Hill Construction for your home building needs. You and your team did on our master bathroom remodel and patio extension complete with fireplace and outdoor kitchen. We knew as soon as we met you we had finally met the right person to take on something so personal and important to us.

First of all, Jonathan will build you a great house. He does quality work and takes great pride in the houses he builds. I can’t count the number of people who passed by and saw our house and stopped and asked us who built it. When our house was appraised, the appraiser was impressed with the build quality and it showed in his final appraisal value of our house. Second, Jonathan is someone you can trust. He keeps his word and does what he says he will do. His original bid was very accurate and was spot on to the actual cost of building our house. I invite you to ask anyone who has dealt with Jonathan in the past – bankers, realtors, architects, other builders, sub-contractors, etc. and you will not hear one negative thing about Jonathan Hill. Third, and most importantly, I believe there are many contractors who could build you a good house, but there could not be another contractor who stands behind their work after you write that final check the way Jonathan does. We had a couple of minor issues after the house was built and Jonathan and his team addressed them immediately. Even after almost a year when a small issue came up, Jonathan was right there to take care of us. He is a man of integrity and will make every attempt to do what he says he will do and to make sure you are happy with your new home.

We may not ever build again, but if we build 20 more houses in our lifetime, Jonathan Hill will build every one of them. We would not consider anyone else for the job. Like we said before, any contractor can take your money and build you a house, but at the end of the construction process, Jonathan will not only still be your friend, you will consider him a better friend than you did at the beginning. We will say again, we can’t recommend Jonathan Hill highly enough for your building needs. It was truly a blessing to work with him and his team."

Michael & Jan Mercer

"We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the outstanding job..." (Betty & Keith)

"Betty and I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for the outstanding job you and your team did on our master bathroom remodel and patio extension complete with fireplace and outdoor kitchen. We knew as soon as we met you we had finally met the right person to take on something so personal and important to us.

After interviewing several contractors and walking away without a confident feeling we finally got that feeling after meeting you. Your professional approach to our project was evident from the beginning. Your website showcases your talent but it was your professionalism and attitude that really made a difference to us. You listened to our ideas, asked great questions and made suggestions and recommendations that made us feel comfortable and confident every step of the way.

The bathroom and patio were completed on time and within our budget but most importantly far exceeded our expectations. Your staff (especially Steve and Anthony) was equally professional and extremely talented. We would highly recommend Johnathan Hill Construction for any size project.

Thanks again for a job well done,

God bless!"

Betty & Keith

"Our building experience was easy and smooth..." (Blain & Carla)

"Our building experience was easy and smooth. We had heard all the bad things, but with Jonathan Hill Construction all things were good. The planning was accurate and responsible. The implementation was impeccable and the friendship gained during the building invaluable. Jonathan’s attention to detail resulted in a spectacular home. We have all the small pieces we wanted and the foundational parts are done without fault. I the year since we have moved in, any concerns or blemishes were restored to the expected level and beyond. There has never been any contention with the product or service provided by Jonathan. We recommend Jonathan Hill Construction without reserve. "

Blaine, Carla, and Audry Claire

"thank you and your company (Jonathan Hill Construction) for a job well done..." (Jeffrey & Rachel)

"Dear Jonathan Hill, I am writing you today to thank you and your company (Jonathan Hill Construction) for a job well done on the remodeling of our home.

My wife and I have never taken on a project like this and therefore, were very overwhelmed with all of the details. Thanks to you and your employees the project was completed without any complications. I want to point out that during this time you and I got to know each other very well. As you now know, I am somewhat of a perfectionist and can be very picky about details. I was afraid this might cause complications during the project. To my amazement it was just the opposite. Your kindness, willingness to listen and always being available to answer my endless questions made the project stress free. Your expertise in color choices and design worked out perfect for us and we couldn’t be happier with the choices presented and the choices you helped us make. I was also amazed how you constantly kept the project running on schedule and on budget. Coordination of all the different crews coming and going each completing their projects at different times seemed confusing to me but it all worked in harmony and came together seamlessly. On numerous occasions our neighbors stopped by to compliment the changes being made to our home. One of the compliments that kept coming up is how clean and safe the construction site remained during the project. Living in the home during construction can be difficult. However, the daily clean up carried out by your crews certainly made life during the demolition and construction phase very easy to tolerate. Once again, we would like to thank you and your company for making our home feel like home. You guys are truly a class act and second to none."

Jeffrey, Rachel, Hailey and Katelyn

"Jonathan Hill Construction is one of the top as for quality and honesty..." (Glenn Fabian - Acme Brick)

"Of the builders in our area, Jonathan Hill Construction is one of the top as for quality and honesty. Jonathan is always looking for the most updated information, especially the technical to assure the construction is completed above standards. He builds the house as if he was going to live in it."

Acme Brick - Since 1891
Glenn Fabian
Manager of Acme Brick in Monroe, Louisiana

"Words can not describe how grateful we are..." (Lindsey & Mike)

"Jonathan, I don’t even know where to start. Words can not describe how grateful we are for your help creating our beautiful home. I look around every day and just think, “I can’t believe I live here!” You made the process so incredibly easy, fun and just simply a breeze. I heard horror stories of other people who have built houses and they gave me warnings. You made everything so easy I would build another one tomorrow. You listened to my ideas and guided me in the right direction. You made everything so…fun. I never would have thought in a million years this could be so easy. I completely trusted your opinion, and any problem that came up you quickly made it right. I find things in my house all the time that I didn’t even know to ask for and you put them in to make my house look amazing. I recommend you to anyone who will stand still long enough to listen to me. We will forever be grateful for your help and are happy to call you a friend!

P.S. All of those magazine tear outs I gave you of “million dollar kitchens” mine looks EVEN BETTER!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you"

Lindsey & Mike Roberts

"We truly believe that God led the way during this entire journey..." (Shelby & Carla)

"We truly believe that God led the way during this entire journey. We were blessed by your patience, skill, humor & Christian character. We’re extremely grateful that the Hill family invested in ours through prayer.

We absolutely love our house! Your guidance, diligence & perserverance have provided us a “home” which will be cherished for years to come!"

Shelby, Carla, Taylor & Zach (& Daisy too)

"Suzanne and I wanted to express our sincere thanks..." (Gary & Suzanne)

"Suzanne and I wanted to express our sincere thanks.

When we conceived this home, we prayed that we could find the best contractor available. Without a doubt you were the answer to our prayers. Not only did you build us a great house, but you provided us "peace" knowing that you would see this through for us, especially given the distance we were from this project. You made it easy and comfortable to call you to discuss items along the way and you helped make decisions that have added value.

To our Home: never during the time we have worked together have we been disappointed. For us, you made this a true adventure worth the time, energy and money. The best compliment that we could give you is "if we build another house, you would be the contractor". We hope that God will continue to bless you, your family and your business."

Gary & Suzanne

"We would like to thank you for making our dream of building a home come true..." (Sidney & Amy)

"We would like to thank you for making our dream of building a home come true. We certainly made the right choice when we chose Jonathan Hill Construction. Family and friends are still amazed at how easy you made this difficult, over whelming process.

From the first time we met, you made it clear that your goal is to satisfy your clients. We can definitely say that you went over and beyond to gain our satisfaction. As a matter of fact, you exceeded your job title as the Contractor.

After a few short weeks, we had become a part of the J Hill Construction family. No matter how busy you were, you still made time to meet with us around our work schedules. You even allowed us to include our children in our meetings, and entertained them for us while we made our decisions. Mr. Jonathan was heard quite often around our household.

As our home progressed, it became obvious to us you did not accept mediocre work, and that you expected your crews to work to their full potential. In that we learned that when you design and build each house, you do it as if its being built for your own family. You made sure every detail was covered and everyone was happy before continuing to the next level.

Thank you for your time and energy you spent with us in order for us to get our home just the way we wanted it. We appreciate the attention you gave to each meticulous detail of planning a house and for sharing your expertise in interior design. But most of all, we appreciate your honesty and integrity you demonstrated throughout the building process."

Sidney and Amy

"Thank you for the wonderful experience of building our dream home with you...." (Joel & Angel)

"We wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience of building our dream home with you. I never imagined after planning this home in my heart on paper over and over for 3 years it would come together so beautifully! I know partnering with you to be our builder was the RIGHT decision and one that we’ve never regretted for a second during this whole process. I wanted to take this opportunity to share our thoughts to others. Many people would grimace when we would say we are building a house and tell of horror stories. Our experience with Jonathan was the exact opposite. It was a very enjoyable and rewarding for us. We formed an incredible team working together to achieve the 3 key components we determined were the most important : 1. Budget 2. Quality & Unique Design 3. Welcoming Interior.

I must say I was very nervous at the beginning stages wondering if our ideas could mesh well since I am an artist and enjoy a more contemporary interior than most I’ve seen locally. Our challenge was to create a home that blended well with the neighborhood full of beautiful French country homes, and have a very sleek interior that was fluid and harmonious. Jonathan was excited to hear my ideas, studied “my style” and helped us come up with a phenomenal design that really catches people’s attention from the moment they walk in. I felt like I was encouraged to put my fingerprint on the home, yet always had Jonathan as a guide to direct me. When we had concerns with the draftsman’s rendering of the front entrance way not flowing well, Jonathan took it upon himself to “fix” the issue by redrawing the front. That was the best decision and gave us the stately entrance we were wanting but had otherwise been unable to achieve. He knows what he is doing and is able to calm you with his easy going demeanor. Jonathan also allowed me to express my personality by taking “risks” creatively, such as picking a deep dark metallic tile for the shower. It’s one of my favorite parts of the house!

For our family the need to stay on budget was first priority. Jonathan worked with us on this, not against us. He kept us constantly updated of changes to the budget and he suggested changes to help reduce our costs without reducing the quality of our home. We quickly learned areas to watch for overspending and listened to his input on how to cut costs. It worked! At closing we had made many additions that increased the quality of our home but by wisely shopping and most of all listening to his advice we came in at ½ a percent over budget. I must admit I did my shopping well, but Jonathan was always watching out for our family’s best interest. I never felt he was pushing us to add items, in fact he would direct me to avoid “ love at first sight” with high dollar items such as fixtures and lighting. If at any moment he saw me get stressed or unable to make a decision he would reassure me that I had time to decide and that we should call it a day. Jonathan went with us to every single appointment to pick anything for the house. I’ve never heard of any other builder doing this for their clients. This greatly reduced my anxiety and soon I felt as if we had been friends for a long time. The whole building experience had such a fluid feel to it, things progressed quickly and on schedule. He made sure all the crews were scheduled and there weren’t many lost days during the months we were building. Someone was always at the house working, and each day we saw progress. Knowing he was on task and keeping the work going was a relief, there was no way we could have contracted our own home and kept crews committed to finishing like he was able to.

After having our home bid with other contractors we decided to use Jonathan because we could see that he was committed to producing quality homes, not just building houses. There were certain things that were non negotiables for us such as roof pitch, countertops and flooring. His allowances were much more generous and easier to work with. I also knew he enjoyed the process and he is very interested in the uniqueness of our contemporary design. The attention to detail is seen everywhere, in the moldings, cabinet designs, the under cabinet lighting, beautiful granite, the space provided in the closets, and the incredible master and bath. Our home is peaceful and soft, which is what I was aiming for. We are looking forward to living here for many years to come. Each day is a blessing to us and a dream come true.

Jonathan Hill is a man of high integrity. We felt completely safe in his dealings with our home. No building project is perfect and when problems arose , he stepped in immediately to take care of the problem and reassure us. His laid back demeanor kept us calm which was appreciated. We also gained much respect for him by the way he treats his crews. How a man treats those who are under him speaks volumes of his character. He kept good communication with us, was always available when we called. I felt as if we were the only clients he had at the time because he makes you priority. I can truly say choosing to use Jonathan Hill Construction was the perfect choice for us, we highly recommend JONATHAN to anyone considering building. If we ever build again, we will only make one call . It will be to Jonathan Hill."

Joel & Angel

"I can not tell you how excited my family is to move into our new home..." (Brad & Kathy)

"I can not tell you how excited my family is to move into our new home. Even Mary Kathryn was excited this morning when I mentioned that we are moving to the new house in 2 days.

Kathy and I can not thank you enough for building our home. You have taken your career to another level because you have a passion for what you are doing. Your level of standard far exceeds those in your profession. You have become known for your level of uniqueness and “extras” all throughout your homes. We can not thank you enough for taking care of ALL the details for us. Kathy and I understand that if we would have went with any other builder, we would have had to be so much more involved in the process.

We thank God for sending you and your family our way not only as our builder but our friendship.

We pray that your family and your business is blessed beyond measures."

Brad and Kathy Bower

"We cannot begin to thank you enough for building our home for us..." (Brandi & Todd)

"We cannot begin to thank you enough for building our home for us. You were so gracious to walk us through each step over and over again and help us in any way you could. We just knew that we wanted someone we could trust to build our home, and when we left our first meeting with you, we both looked at each other and said we feel like we can trust him. You made everything so easy and effortless, and for two very indecisive people, that's a huge task! Even though we might have stretched your style a little, you gave us every opportunity to make our ideas tangible. One of our biggest compliments of you is that we never had to wait on a response from you. You always answered very promptly, whether it be call, email, or text. You were very willing to work around our crazy work schedules and meet us even after hours, and we truly thank you for that. One of the best things about waiting to write this email is that we experienced your integrity even after the job was completed. As with all first time homes, there were a few issues that arose after moving in, and you always had someone here that day or the next day to fix the problem. That speaks to your quality of character and pride that you put into your work. Thank you (and your wife) for the beautiful platter you gave us for our housewarming gift. It has already been used on several occasions and was such a thoughtful gesture! Words cannot express how much we love our home! There is not one detail we would change and this process was far beyond what we could have ever dreamed it to be. There is not a doubt in our mind that if we ever decided to build again, we would use you! We tell everyone who is looking for a builder that we had a great one and we have the proof to show for that. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

Brandi and Todd Whitlock


Building a home requires two of your biggest investments: time and money. Making sure both of those are managed well, in regards to building your new home, is of our highest priority. So, while we (would be happy to sit and help or look forward to helping) you with the details of your new home, we have also put together an extensive referral list that we can make available to you.

Contact us at info@jhillconstruction.com or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page to obtain this list.

"We recommend Jonathan Hill as an excellent designer and homebuilder..." (William & Mary Green)

"It is without hesitation that we recommend Jonathan Hill as an excellent designer and homebuilder.

Because of all the horror stories we had heard about building a new home, less than honest and reputable contractors, shoddy work, etc., we were nervous about selecting a contractor to build our first custom-designed home. Jonathan dispelled those horror stories. He made the entire process easier than we could ever have imagined. He took a lot of time with us. He was responsive to our needs, requests and questions. He also made suggestions and pointed out ways to save money. He was thorough and detailed oriented and very organized. He helped us select lighting, flooring, plumbing fixtures, and other items we were unfamiliar with. Above all, Jonathan was honest and his work crews did quality work.

As with all construction there are small follow-up details and items to address after completion. He has been very responsive and completed those items in a timely fashion.

We can think of nothing negative to say about Jonathan Hill personally, the quality of his home construction business, or his work crews. We highly recommend him to anyone building a new home."

William and Mary Green

1633 Highway 80 East

Calhoun, Louisiana


"It is a great pleasure to write on behalf of Jonathan Hill..." (Stanley Dupey)

"It is a great pleasure to write on behalf of Jonathan Hill, who is in the building construction business.

Our company has worked with Jonathan for the past four years on numerous projects. As a Subcontractor, we have found him to be very organized, especially, running a job. If he tells us the job is ready for flooring, it always has been ready. He is a very competent person, and we have found him to be very diligent on getting us paid.

From a personal standpoint, I have always been impressed with the “design extras” he does on a house, such as furniture cabinets, stucco fronts, granite cabinets, and tile and wood flooring in living areas. This extra he does is definitely not the standard in the industry of speculative homes.

On behalf of Dupey Flooring, it is an honor to recommend him to build your dream home."

Stanley Dupey

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